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How The Master Fear of Flying App Works

The Tools to Overcome Your Fears, When You Need Them Most

Master Fear of Flying has been designed to give you the help you need, when you need it most.

Use the app on iPhone or iPad to reduce your fear:
  • Weeks before your flight
  • The night before
  • On the way to the airport
  • Waiting for the boarding call
  • During your flight
  • After your flight
  • and more

– Professional Memberships –

Based on Scientifically Proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

When using Master Fear of Flying, you will receive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Scientifically proven around the world, CBT is recommended by leading clinical psychologists as the most effective treatment for anxiety and phobias such as the fear of flying.



Master Fear of Flying Re-Programs Your Brain

Master Fear of Flying starts by learning about you. Using an innovative fear scale questionnaire, it will identify the situations and beliefs that are causing you the most stress and anxiety.


Unravel Your Fear With Your Personal Recovery Program

After completing the questionnaires you will get a 7-part Personal Recovery Plan with:
  1. The types of situations that worry you
  2. Your fears about flying
  3. How flying affects your mood
  4. Your physical sensations and how you interpret them
  5. The thoughts that race through your mind
  6. Your beliefs about what could happen
  7. The unhelpful safety behaviours you use to cope

Your Personal Recovery Plan will give you an in-depth understanding of how your fear is created, and a personalised roadmap for your recovery.

Get the Treatment You Need to Overcome Your Fears

1. Personalised Therapy Tracks

Do you worry about the plane crashing? Or are you anxious you might have a panic attack? Whatever your specific fear is, it will be addressed with personalised therapy tracks designed to help you overcome your fear.

You will learn new ways of thinking and feeling to be a more confident and comfortable flyer. Designed to be ‘therapy in your pocket’, you can listen to these tracks over and over again, at your convenience. You’ll never have to confront the fear of flying alone again.

2. Immersive Exposure

Using innovative image and sound exposure techniques, we safely allow you to experience the scary situations that trigger your fear. You’ll see the images and hear the sounds of flying; experience the boarding call at the airport, the engine noise during takeoff, the ‘bump’ of the retracting landing gear, and more.

By repeatedly exposing yourself to the stimulus that triggers your fear, you will program yourself to be less anxious when you fly.

3. Thought Record Diary

Get to the bottom of the underlying (and often unconscious) thoughts, feelings and images that are creating your fears.

This interactive tool helps you identify the situations, moods and the inaccurate automatic thoughts you have, and translate them into more helpful and balanced thoughts.

4. Safety Behaviour Removal

You might use safety behaviours as a way to cope, such as avoiding food before a flight, having a drink or medicating yourself. But safety behaviours actually make it more likely that you will focus on the thoughts and images that create your anxiety, which only perpetuates your fears.

Master Fear of Flying helps you identify your safety behaviours and gives you the tools and strategies to remove your reliance on these crutches.

5. Maintain Your Recovery

By practicing what you learn in this program, you will strengthen your confidence and help you master your fear of flying.

Having your iPhone or iPad with you whenever you fly, you’ll always have the tools you need to overcome your fear and fly with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is this an effective stand-alone treatment for fear of flying?

Yes, this program has been proven to be effective as a stand-alone treatment, or when used in conjunction with clinical treatment. Often patients experience therapy and lower their anxiety for a period of time. Unfortunately, many times fear can come back months or years later. Because you can use Master Fear of Flying over and over again, its the perfect tool to ensure your fear is gone the long-term.

Q2. How does this program compare to clinical treatment?

In many ways, Master Fear of Flying gives you more than clinical treatment can offer. The interactive app lets you customise your experience, pinpointing your fears and tracking your fear levels over time. In the coming months, you will systematically reduce your fear as you come back to the app for treatment time and time again. The immersion tracks will help you safely experience your fearful flying situations, so you can progressively ‘turn down’ your fear. Master Fear of Flying is like having unlimited access to master psychologists, for a fraction of the cost.

Q3. Can I use this program while I'm in the air?

Yes, Master Fear of Flying can be used weeks before your flight, on the way to the airport, while waiting for your flight to board, and while you’re in the air. It is designed to help you address all your fears at all stages of the flying process.

Q4. What if I have a fear that your program doesn't cover?

Master Fear of Flying is an interactive tool that allows you to input your unique thoughts, feeling, worries and fears. No matter what your specific fears are, you will get effective strategies and tools to confront your fears and overcome them.

Q5. How long will it take to complete the program?

For most people the program can be completed the first round through in around 2 hours. From here, you will use specific tracks and features that are specific to your individual fears over and over again. The program is built to measure your fear responses over time, so you can expect to work regularly with the app for the first few weeks, then taper off with maintenance use (such as when you’re flying next).

Q6. Do I have to go through the entire program each time I need it?

No, at the end of the program you will complete a one page summery of all the things you have found helpful in therapy. This can be used as a quick reference whenever you need it. You may also revisit any part of the program you need to reinforce your progress or update the app with new information.

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