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Freedom From Your Flying Fear Is At Your Fingertips

The Master Fear of Flying program is an interactive mobile app developed by two leading clinical psychologists. Receive unlimited personalised treatment for your specific fears using clinically proven and research-backed psychological strategies.


Master Therapists In Your Hands

Meet the Brian and Chris. After 50 years of combined clinical practice and world leading research specialising in anxiety disorders, they decided to create the Master Fear of Flying program. Backed by the latest research and decades of clinical case studies, MFOF has been designed to give you access to unlimited psychological treatment for the fear of flying. It’s like having an experienced psychologist on call, whenever you need them most. For a fraction of the cost.

Chris Edwards

B.Psych, M.Psych (Clin)

Brian Tuckfield

B.A , B.A. (Hons), Dip T (Sec), M.Psych (Clin), MAPS

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How This Innovative App Will Help You Overcome Your Fear

  • The Master Fear of Flying program has been developed by two leading clinical psychologists specialised in treating anxiety
  • In app treatment is based on scientifically proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Unique Immersive Technology lets you confront your fears safely and overcome them comfortably using the app
  • A fully interactive and personalised program that treats you for your specific fears
  • Receive unlimited treatment for a fraction of the cost of seeing a therapist
  • The convenience and flexibility of mobile apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • Manage your fear anywhere (weeks before your flight at home, in the car on the way to the airport, at the departure gate, in the air and more)
  • A Personal Recovery Plan that helps you understand how your fear is created and your road to recovery
  • Get your maintenance plan to ensure your changes stick for the long-term
  • Overcome your fears and enjoy the freedom to fly!

How the Master Fear of Flying App Works

“This changed my life. I was able to travel away from Australia, and the guilt I felt at holding my husband back from his dream of visiting Scotland dissolved. I was able to fly to Melbourne. Since then we have been to New Zealand and then to Europe.” Fran Knight


Save a Fortune on Therapy Costs

It’s no secret that therapy can be expensive. Consider that the average therapist starts at $150 per hour and it takes around 10 hours to complete a course of treatment for the fear of flying. You’re looking at a bill of around $1,500.

The Master Fear of Flying app gives you the same personalised treatment of your fears using clinically tested and proven psychological treatments, for under $50. That’s a saving of over $1,450. Where could that take you?


“I am now no longer scared to fly because I understand why I felt so scared, that there are many others that feel the same way, and that I am not alone. Most importantly, I know I will be just fine. Every flight I now take supports and builds my strength…and gives me more and more belief in my ability to think above fear.”  Sadie – Air Hostess overcomes her fear


Customer reviews

“Excellent App – Great Help” 1 2 3 4 5

Nov 23, 2014

“This app is extremely comprehensive and useful. It’s well put together, user friendly and most importantly covers areas that are really helpful to those who suffer with flying phobia. I have started to use and recommend it to my clients (I am a Clinical Psychologist working with adults with various anxiety conditions). Having successfully treated people for this condition over the years I think that this app covers all the important areas. Highly recommended! ”

“Valuable application!” 1 2 3 4 5

Sep 24, 2014

“From a psychologist’s perspective this application covers it all! Developed by two clinical psychologists, it delivers evidence based treatment for the fear of flying. The application is comprehensive in that it offers information specifically tailor made to your own fears regarding flying. This is determined by a questionnaire which forms the basis of a personalised recovery plan. The cost is quite reasonable given the professional quality of information and treatment. Furthermore it’s a one-off cost with no associated add-ons. I highly recommend this to anyone who fears flying.”

No More Fear of Flying!

Haven’t you made too many sacrifices? Had too many disappointments? Lost too many opportunities? Is enough finally enough? The Master Fear of Flying app will help you confront your fears and overcome them for good.

It’s time to say no to fear and yes to life!
  • Say yes to that exciting overseas trip!
  • Say yes to your friends and family!
  • Say yes to your career!
  • Say yes to the freedom to fly!